Nick's GM Application

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Nick's GM Application

Post by Nick on Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:18 pm

Real Name:Nick

Age: 16

Location: Garrett, Indiana

Playtime (Based on server time):: None, yet anyway. Hehe

Characters Name:None yet.

Total time playing on the server: None . . . Lol

Why you think we should accept you as GM ? I'm not going to sit here and try to suck up to the admins, so i'm just going to say i can get the job done.(I am also learning C++ and LUA.)

Do you have any experience with GM commands ?Yes, with Arcemu, Trinity, and MaNgos.

---If you answered yes to the question above mention here which ones and for how long you was GM---

As i have stated above, i know Arcemu(.Cheat, .server, .recal port, .summon, .appear) Trinity(.tele, .honor, .ban, .gm chat,fly on and off.) and MaNgos(Basicly like trinity)

How would you help to the server and community on ? I could help develope a little, answer tickets swiftly, and catch hackers at a moderate pace.

Anything else you want to add ? I know some C++,LUA, and i can work with the DB if needed.


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