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Theory Application

Post by theory123 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:38 am

Real Name: Piotr Nawara

Age: 17

Location: Poland Kielce


Characters Name :
I didnt make because main page doesn't work , and i cant make account.
Total time playing on the server: i am here with you , just 3 day's Sad
but you can 100% trust me.

My avaible time :
Monday : 14-21
Tuesday: 15-21
Wednesday: 3 hours before school and 4 after school (11-18)
Thursday: 11-16 ( 3 hours before, 5 hours after school)
Friday: 15-21
Saturday: 8-11 and 16-21
Sunday: +10 hours

all this hours are approximately, often i stay online more than that hours.

+all days without school
+and of course if you need me i am always able to duty. ( except school )

Why you think we should accept you as GM ?

Because I am frienly , funny but also very mature person.
I always focus at thing's i do , and always use my 110% of power.
I am patient person.Speak three language's : english fluently , polish ( my main ) and dutch(basic).
I am very active ingame and on the forums. Im online ingame everyday and check forums 10-11 times a day.

Do you have any experience with GM commands ?

One year ago i was admin on my own server, just to learn command's.
I hope you dont get it like a "dangerous" for a server.

---If you answered yes to the question above mention here which ones and for how long you was GM---
Well , my server wasn't public , just was avaible only for me.
I didnt used ban/kick/mute command's.
Most command's i used were :

.gm on
.levelup #
.modify gold #
.npc yell #text
.modify reset all spells
.modify reset all talents

Nothing much , that was just avaible for me.
I have no experience in public Sad(

Have you read and Agreed with our Server Rules ?

Yes i do.

How would you help to the server and community on ?

I want to help every players with their questions.
I will read a lot of tickets and help players to resolve the problems.
Make a polite "atmosphere".
I will be active all the time on the support channel and the forum.
I want to make new channel ingame "support" , players dont need to post here their questions and wait for answer.
and make a lot of events like : hide and seek , 10vs10 , guild vs guild and much more.

Anything else you want to add ?

Thanks for taking your time to read my application,

email :
skype: nawara.piotr



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